How to Choose the Slowpitch Baseball Bats?

Softball baseball is a baseball variant that was invented in 1887 mainly as an indoor sport. Softball baseball has three variants – slowpitch, fastpitch, and modified softball. Just like baseball, slowpitch softball uses bats similar to baseball, though they have limited moderations and they must be certified by their respective organization. Picking the perfect slowpitch baseball bat is not by chance, you need to figure out what factors make it stand out. Before delving on how to pick the slowpitch bat, let us document the difference between slowpitch and fastpitch sport.

Slowpitch Baseball Bats

How to Choose Slowpitch Baseball Bats

Weight & length of the bat:-

Before picking a bat it is always a prudent idea to choose a bat that has a weight you can handle and so is the length. Big players always prefer heavier bats since they will match their powerful nature, while average players seek lighter bats, this helps to maximize speed while not reducing power. The best rule is always to pick a bat that is heavy without compromising on speed. Also, when picking a bat pick one which makes you feel comfortable while swinging, most long bats will give you maximum reach while shorter bats may inconvenience you in reaching a ball. The disadvantage of using longer bats is that you may find them to be heavier. To help you pick a good bat for you, check your weight to bat length ratio. This will help you know which length is best for you.

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The durability of the bat – 

Before picking a bat, check its reviews to see its durability status. As much as most bats come with a one year warranty, check whether their customer service is good, in case you need a replacement. You need a reliable customer service that ships your replacement in time while doing a follow-up.

League Requirements:-

Each league requires a specific bat, so in professional levels, you will find it hard playing with a bat that is not recommended for that league. For instance, in slowpitch sport, your bat should have a stamp of either Amateur softball association, USSSA, ISA, NSA, ISF and Senior Softball Association.

Bat material:

A bat’s material determines heavily on how your bat will perform. For instance, composite bats perform better because of their larger sweet spot. They also minimize the sting feeling experienced in alloy bats. For alloy bats, the advantage of using it is that it is durable and stiffer allowing you to make powerful hits.

Different Between Slowpitch and Fastpitch

Different Between Slowpitch and Fastpitch

Before explaining the differences it is key to note some terms used in the sport. Here are the main terminologies that are used in the sport.

Innings – this is a round of softball game where each team has had the opportunity to bat.

Batter – this is an offensive player who hits the ball using his bat while trying to accumulate enough balls for a walk or plays the ball to fair play

Base – there are 4 bases that a player must go through to score a run. It is noteworthy unlike baseball, a softball player can’t be tagged out.

Bases loaded – this term is used to signify all bases are occupied by a player.

Bunt – this is when a batter tries to tap a pitch into fair territory and avoid being thrown out before reaching the base.

Interference – This is an occasion where a defensive player gets obstructed by baserunner from gathering a batted ball

Just as the name suggests one of the differences between the sports is the pitching speed. While that is one difference, here are some other differences


Slowpitch has longer innings which are attributable to the slow pitching speeds. this idea is meant to help teams that play offensively while disadvantaging defending teams.

Stealing Bases

When it comes to stealing bases rules vary depending on the league being played, but typically fastpitch allows for more freedom. A good example is that the Amateur softball association suggests that a slowpitch player can only leave his base if the ball has crossed over the home plate.


Bunting is allowed in fastpitch but not in slowpitch. Bunting is when a player holds the bat across the strike zone, hence striking the ball without swinging it.


Pitching is where the main difference comes. In slowpitch the pitcher will toss the ball underarm, hence the pitching is slower. For fastpitch, the pitcher simulates a windmill where he winds his arm around then releases the ball underarm. Unlike slowpitch, fastpitch balls are faster due to this windmill underarm technique.


Softball sport is a variable of baseball. It is of different types – fastpitch, modified softball, and slowpitch with the most common game being the slow pitch. When picking a bat, several factors should come up in mind. They are material used to make the bat, durability, league requirements and bat’s weight and length.

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