How to Choose a Perfect Sports Sunglass

You picked pathetic sunglasses; boohoo, join the queue. Most bat companies promise heaven but deliver hell. So before picking the perfect sunglasses do a little research it will pay off. What do you look for when picking perfect sports sunglasses? Well, the answer lies in knowing what to go for? Below are some tips which will help you narrow down on some perfect choices

How to choose the perfect sports sunglasses

Here are some of the factors that you should look out for when choosing the perfect sunglasses.

Choose a Perfect Sports Sunglass

Consider the Shape of Your Face

  • Sports sunglasses come in many shapes, and identifying the perfect shape for your head will be ideal. For instance, an oval face will have trouble having a square frame when it comes to strenuous activities. Furthermore, the shape of your face will help you decide on what shape of lenses you will pick.
  • For square faces, it will be prudent to pick round sunglasses. If you are wondering why, well it is because your jaw will most probably be straight and pronounced and since you want lenses that will cover your view round lenses will be ideal.

Ideal Lenses

  • Most sports sunglasses come with different features. One of the most common features is polarized lenses. The advantage of using polarized lenses is that you will have minimal U.V light disrupting your day.
  • Identify if you need an anti-glare feature in your lenses. If your game is an outdoor sport then you will need this feature

Your Sport

  • Sunglasses that are meant for baseball players will be a poor choice if you intend to use them for swimming.
  • Baseball lenses have a wonderful visual contrast and they usually come with an anti-glare to prevent reflection from the sun. Snow sports sunglasses come with other added features due to the strenuous activity involved. Some features include anti-fog coating and helmet compatibility.

Color of Sunglasses

  • The color of sports’ sunglasses lenses should help you narrow down on which sport they are ideal for. For instance, the green color is ideal for low light activities, hence perfect for cycling, golf, and fishing along with other games. This is because they reduce glare while brightening shadows.
  • Yellow sunglasses allow for greater clarity in the haze, fog, and other low light sports. They also filter blue light from electronic devices which will save you from eye fatigue and exhaustion.
  • Blue sunglasses have a stealthy look and are perceived as the best sunglasses for water sports. They have an anti-glare feature while helping to define contours.

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Frame Firmness

With the global economy being driven by online shopping, sometimes it’s poor judgment to have them shipped to your location even without trying them on. It is a gamble so it is ideal to pick sunglasses the old school way. Try them on and check whether they hold firm on your face. Why? If you are a cyclist, then you would want sunglasses that don’t interfere with your mojo when cycling. So try several choices on than the one that holds firm take it to the cashier’s desk.


Finding the right sunglasses can be a daunting task if it is your first time. So what do you go for when picking the perfect sunglasses? Type of lenses and sport that you play should be your first consideration, and then you can check whether they fit firmly.

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