How to choose outdoor security cameras for your home?

The outdoor home security camera is going to popular day by day. This is a little electronic device but able to secure your home and property safe by monitoring what’s happening outside the door with a linked camera. These trustworthy outdoor home security camera better serve your home than the doorkeeper. Once you successfully installed the device, you can easily monitor everything outside. You just have to make sure the camera is always on, that’s it!

What type of camera is best for outdoor security?

What type of cc camera is best for your outdoor security is depended on your needs and style. There are a lot of options you can apply for your home outdoor security cameras. Box camera, dome camera, PTZ camera, bullet camera, IP camera, day/night camera, wireless IP camera, etc.

Box camera allows for customization of the lens, camera, and housing to fit the needs of the installation. Dome cc camera is preferable in a dome-shaped housing and available for both indoor and outdoor homes. It is well-suited for environments that tend to get dirty, like gardens, kitchens, and warehouses.

camera is best for outdoor security

PTZ has mechanical controls in home security and focuses primarily on areas of interest. It provides an automatic track movement. This camera is perfect for you if you want to survey a wide area of interest. This allows you to zoom in the results. The bullet security camera is good for low-light situations. An IP camera has better system management than analog cameras. It can transmit a digital signal using Internet Protocol over a network.

Day/night security cameras can handle both day and night-time lighting situations. It is best for environments with low light conditions. The wireless IP camera is an incredible security choice for your home. It provides motion detection for instant alerts of intruders. They have crystal clear images, even in low light conditions.

How do Home Outdoor Security Cameras Work –

Outdoor home security cameras work very efficiently by transmitting captured video as an input inside the camera to the radio transmitter. The video clips will be transmitted to a receiver that is systematically connected to a built-in storage device or via cloud storage. You will get a simple link to access all your images or video clips as an output through your monitor. There are plenty of valuable security benefits for property owners. But home outdoor security camera is probably the most beneficial of all the components for your home.

Outdoor home security cameras give great service to you so that you will receive data continuously by placing the cc camera outside of your home.  At first, you need to install the camera. After installation, when it gets ready to work, the motion detector camera insider will start to collect data.

The most effective benefit of a CC camera is the option to control your system’s recording schedule. Besides taking video clips, it is easy to set your surveillance system for automatic recording at certain times whenever motion is detected, an alarm is activated, or a sensor is triggered.

This incredible feature allows you to ensure that your home is as safe as possible from the dangers outside. Whether you are monitoring your little kids remotely after school, keeping an eye on the kids’ activities, or whether the staff is working properly, and scheduled recording always makes sure you always have what’s going on in your house.

How to install home outdoor security camera –

Now the question is, do you need to install your own CC camera yourself or hire an experienced installer? You can easily install it by following the manual paper inside the camera box. But the problem is, not all CC cameras are as flexible as installed. Some cameras are really hard to set up. In that case, you may need a professional installer.

Before installing an outdoor cc camera, you need to decide whether you want to install a wired cc camera or a wireless outdoor cc camera? Now, after purchasing your device of choice, find a stable spot on the wall where you want to fix it. Carefully examine the existing cable, mark it and drill the appropriate holes.

On the other hand, if your choice is to install a wireless camera, you should not feel pressured to replace it. Wireless cameras can melt them almost anywhere. All you have to do is make sure the camera is connected to your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or other wireless connection. In that case, if you need an electric cord, you will need to drill through solid materials like brick or stucco.

Your security camera should be kept out of reach of unwanted people. So that kids or thieves can’t catch it. This is why professional installers recommend placing at least 9 feet of cameras on the ground floor.

How to choose home outdoor security cameras –

  1. Choose what type of camera you need:

How to choose outdoor cc camera depends a lot on your budget. If you want a high-quality CC camera, you should choose between a wireless security camera and a video doorbell. Both works excellently but a little high in price.

For front or back door monitoring, choosing a video doorbell would be wise to do as it is powered by your doorbell cable. However, it must be remembered that all video doorbells are designed to withstand outdoor weather but not all wireless security cameras are weatherproof. So if you want to keep a camera out, check the specs of the camera you are considering.

  1. Sort Your Power Source:

Video doorbell and battery-powered wireless outdoor cc cameras give you the maximum flexibility in determining the location in and around your home. How often you will recharge depends on the camera quality and how much will be used. Doorbells and wireless outdoor cc cameras can easily overcome the recharging problem but if you’re not ready to hire an electrician, your placement options may be limited.

  1. Try comparing cloud storage plans:

Before you select the outdoor cc camera or doorbell you want to get out of the door, check out how cloud storage comes and how much extra storage costs. Most experienced manufacturers opt for cloud storage. Because the video footage may be too large it may not have enough space to store on the memory card. When using cloud storage your video clips are stored on the server, no matter how large it is.

The amount of free online storage and the cost of storage plans can vary drastically by the manufacturer. Remember, most of the plans can’t store continuous video but store only those video clips that are triggered by motion. Some camera offers only continuous video storage with a 30-day storage plan, some offers higher monthly rates, and some give you both clips and continuous video in its storage plans.

  1. Consider your privacy first:

Outdoor cc camera guarantee you safety, but you need to keep in mind that the view they are providing in your home is connected to the Internet. For that reason, you are advised to watch the video clip on your phone. Because if you can see from your phone, it is not possible for anyone else to jump. As the manufacturer may have access to the video.

  1. Check the parts before buying:

The main three components of all CCTV protection systems are the camera, monitor and cable. Other complementary parts can be added to more complex systems, but cameras, monitors and videos form the core of all CCTV protection systems for that reason you need to check these parts before buying an outdoor CC camera. Online shopaholic may get cheated with buyers and receive damages cables or broken camera lens. So you better go to the shop and buy your desired cc camera after testing everything on the camera.

Cloud storage is one of the most advanced features of the home surveillance system, which combines all of the connected image and video clips recorded with a system to automatically reach you through your home Wi-Fi network. Nowadays outdoor home security camera provides us with a huge advantage through this storage, such as this convenient storage allows you to access your video clips from your home control panel, home app or online account at any time.

This information will help you to understand how to choose an outdoor cc camera for your home.


  1. How do I choose the BEST home outdoor security camera in my home?

This is a relatively difficult decision for purchasers. There are many characteristics of the installation process that need to be considered to get the absolutely right performance that meets your needs and requirements.

  1. How do I set up a camera and lens for low light conditions?

An ND1 (neutral density) filter should be placed in front of your lens when setting the back focus of a color camera for low light conditions. An ND3 filter should be placed in front of your lens when setting the mono camera’s back focus for low light conditions. An IRP (infra-red pass) filter should be placed in front of your lens when setting the focus of the back of the mono camera mounted on I / R lighting for low light conditions.

  1. What size monitor should I use to watch the video clip?

The right size monitor depends on your budget and demand. E.g., the number of images displayed at any time, viewing distance and available space.


Sometimes you’re worried if you’re away from home. You want to keep an eye on what’s going on in your home at the moment. Nearby kids are unnecessarily pressing your calling bell. Any mysterious visitor overnight wondering if he would dare walk into an empty room?

Whatever the case, home outdoor security cameras have no choice but to get rid of these thoughts. That means motion detectors will start recording automatically, after switching it ON, at any time they sense movement in range. Some specific home outdoor security cameras lens will automatically point itself in the direction of the motion and record the movement clearly.

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