How to choose the best cordless drill?

According to Wikipedia, a drill is a tool that is fitted with a driving/cutting tool which is mainly used to make holes. There are several drill types in the market and they include hand drills, corded drill, hammer drill, rotary hammer, magnetic drilling machine, cordless drill, drill press, geared head drill press, radial arm drill press, mill drill, braces drill, and SDS drill. So what do you look for when picking a drill? Well, here are some factors that you should consider before buying a drill.

Things to consider before buy a cordless drill

A cordless drill is a type of drill is an electronic drill that is powered by rechargeable batteries. These types of drills have similar features to an AC Mains powered drill.


When picking a cordless drill size matters. The higher the voltage the higher the power, so what does this mean for you? It is simple, the more the more the more torque you will have, hence driving screws will be fast and easy. Additionally, you will have more speed for sanding, jigsawing, and more hammer for massive driving. Unless your profession is wood relate, having a drill with more than 18 volts might be a waste of your tool. Typically, a drill with 18 volts can get you through your casual job – deck building, framing.

Power cells

Having a cordless drill that has more than one battery has enormous benefits. Not only will it increase productivity while working, but it will also reduce downtime while working on complex projects. If you discharge the primary battery, the spare power cell will keep the cordless drill on and going.

Convenience and comfort

Due to the complex tasks experienced in woodwork or carpentry, you need a comfortable drill. The greatest advantage of having a cordless drill rather than a corded one is that you won’t have to keep the cord in check. Having an ergonomic handle makes the drill comfortable and manageable. This gives the user an advantage in having control and higher precision.

Variable functions and speed settings

Having a drill with variable functions and speed settings, allows the user to have a more flexible and versatile drill that can handle complex reactions. Before picking a drill, check if it has been built with a 2-speed gearbox. Confirm whether the high-speed gear is capable of producing more than 1200 revolutions per minute and whether the low-speed gear is able to produce 400 revolutions per minute. This feature allows you to have an easy task in producing the best amount of speed when it comes to any task.

How to choose the best cordless drill

Cordless drill vs Normal Drill

  • The main purpose of a cordless drill is to spin bits – screws with Philip heads, flat heads, and hex heads. Can be used on simple home tasks but with the right power they can work on heavy-duty projects.
  • As mentioned they are electronic devices, hence use rechargeable batteries
  • Also available in their category is the right angle drill which allows users to squeeze screws in tight positions.

Normal drill

  • A regular drill spins bits through soft surfaces such as plywood
  • It has a smaller motor hence produce less power. They are suited for soft surfaces such as wood and plaster.
  • It is a bit lighter thus is easy to use
  • If you use them on hard surfaces they will jam.


Cordless drills are available in several options. The brands vary with price and features. So when picking a cordless drill what do you consider? Well, here are some several factors that should come to mind when buying,  power cells, convenience and comfort, and finally variable functions and speed settings.

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