Top 10 Best Space Heater for a Large Basement

There are numerous basements found in many homes that result from construction. However, it is unfortunate that many homeowners underutilize the valuable space for storage purposes. Due to its large space, the basement can be useful as a recording room, a working area, a studio, a gym, or a bedroom for guests. The question in converting the basement into valuable, usable space is how do you heat it? Keeping your operational basement warm, particularly during cold seasons, is crucial. Therefore, I will take our esteemed customers through the top 10 best space heater for a large basement and the reasons to choose the best model.

  1. Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater

Dr. Infrared is one of the best indoor heaters for large rooms due to its ability to use electricity with 1500 watts. The heater is economical since homeowners can get it at a lower price from sellers who may not give free prime shipping.

Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater

Details & Features
  • It has a humidifier

The unit constitutes a humidifier that is useful in providing moisture to people living in dry climatic regions. In addition to heating the basement, the device is also helpful in regulating the levels of humidity. However, homeowners can turn the humidifier off when they don’t want to utilize it.

  • Easy to maintain.

The heater comes with a removable filter that requires simple cleaning and replacement and allows for a fresh begin when needed. Accordingly, the filter increase durability of the models making it more efficient during winter seasons.

  • The warmth of a sunny day.

The heater operates in the same way as sunlight in warming objects than air. Notably, the heat from infrared feels natural and is efficient to energy due to its ability to use all much of the heat produced. Therefore, the device transfer heat at a low cost without creating any loss.

  • It is 1500 watt heater

Dr. Infrared heater comes with the most advanced heating system. The system enables the production of more considerable heat using 1500 watts in delivering an average of 2500 per 3.5 m/s.


  • Efficient heat with decorative features.
  • The heater constitutes an automatic shut-off of 12 hours.
  • Comes with a dual system of heating
  • Appropriate for remote control.


  • The heater operates poorly in areas with high ceilings.

Why it is the best.

Apart from the device constituting outstanding features, including a humidifier and removable filter, this model is the best choice since it features a dual heating system used in minimizing heat transfer.

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  1. Heat Storm Phoenix HS

The Heat storm phoenix is among the best devices providing solutions for small rooms and bedrooms with less floor space. Accordingly, the heater utilizes 1500- watts to efficiently heat the room. Generally, the heater is perfect for touching the grill, making the best choice for homeowners.

Heat Storm Phoenix HS

Details & Features
  • Energy efficient

The Heat Storm heats up quickly, making the room warm for comfortable resting. Accordingly, the HMS dual technology increases heat generation from bulbs of infrared Quartz with minimum heat loss.

  • Bathroom friendly

Simple mounting of the device directly to complete drywall to for more heat supply makes it friendly to the bathroom. The heater comes with anchoring level and screws for the accurate and straightforward mount.

  • Lightweight 

The storm heater comes with lightweight for merely moving from one place to another by homeowners. Additionally, the construction of the device constitutes a line-up of heating units with high portability, thus making it excellent for heating living rooms, bedrooms, and even bathrooms.

  • ETL safety certified

ETL is a nationally accepted testing laboratory created for quality, independent, and safety certifications of different products.  Notably, it is essential for customers looking to purchase a heater to consider its certification to avoid device-related damages.

  • Warranty

The warranty is one of the aspects used to describe the quality performance of a company and its reliability. Similarly, a storm heater comes with a warranty limited to one year that enables customers to replace in case of any destruction during the transaction process. It also increases the wear and tears durability of the heater.


  • It is highly portable.
  • Comes with silent running
  • It is lightweight hence to carry from one place to another
  • The heater is energy efficient.


  • Unclear manual instructions are hence confusing to use.

Why it is the best.

Despite its narrow shape and compact size, the heater can warm large spaces ranging up to 750. The grill to the touch also stays safe, making the device a perfect choice for households.


  1. PELONIS Electric 1500W Oil Filled Radiator Heater

The Pelonis is one of the best electric heaters for a large basement used by the households when the temperature decreases. Accordingly, the model constitutes four wheels with high mobility of movement from one pace to another. The three heat settings help in maintaining the correct amount of warmth.

Details & Features
  • Full Rotation

The heater comes with four caster wheels that can rotate for 350 degrees. The complete rotation offers simple portability of moving the heater from one place to another. In addition to the rotation, the heater comes in lightweight of 16 pounds to facilitate simple lifting and mounting on the bathroom walls.

  • Protective features

Safety is one of the critical features to take into consideration when purchasing a heater for home use. Accordingly, the model comes with power indicator lights to show when the units are on. The Pelonis Heaters also contains a built-in safety to enhance protection.

  • Quiet operation

The device work quietly and peaceful provision of space warmth without producing much sound that can disturb sleep, meditation, and sleep.  Additionally, the heater provides long-lasting and gentle warmth using oil in conducting heat.

  • Multiple settings and efficient heating.

The construction process of the device constitutes three options for heat generation and five temperature settings. The three heating options represent the power of 900 watts, 1500 watts, and mode while the temperature setting includes 70F, 65F, 85F, 75F, and 80F. Both configurations work to maximize warmth and efficiency.


  • Four wheels for simple mobility.
  • Use power indicator light in sending signals.
  • Contains convenient cord wrap.
  • It comes with a warranty limited to one year.


  • The heater is only suitable in small spaces.

Why it is best:-

The heater is convenient in homes with many bedrooms due to the presence of 4 wheeled specification for simple mobility from one room to another. Accordingly, the device comes with three heat settings used in maintaining the right amount of warmth.

  1. Best space heater for large rooms

Heating a large room is difficult and expensive when one chooses the wrong radiator. An unheated basement can result in frozen pipes that burst to cause added costs. Thus having a heater is a crucial product that every house owner should consider .This article will help you find the best space heater for large basement that will help reduce your worries about frosty and cold days.

Details & Features
  • Air choice

Air choice space heater is one of the best indoor heaters for large rooms with a slim design to ensure convenient storage. The heater doesn’t emit gasses or chemicals, making it a perfect choice for use during chilly days both at home and in the office. Its space-saving and slim design ensure the heater is placed under the desk or beside the bed.

  • Overheat, auto shut off protection

The electric heater for large basement has an overheat protection feature that automatically shuts off when overheated. Additionally, it comes with a tip-over switch that automatically shuts of the radiator when accidentally knocked down.

  • The device has a smart timer and a remote control

The remote control comes with ultra-long sensing distance ensuring convenience use from a long distance. Furthermore, the digital heater has an 8 hour time feature supplying comfortable warmth needed. The timer is super quiet, making it a perfect choice for using at night. Its lightweight is small enough to be carried anywhere.

  • The model has an adjustable thermostat

The thermostat ensures comfortable time settings from fifty to ninety-five degrees keeping the room temperature tracked. Additionally, the heater has three heat modes up to 1500 W hot wind modes satisfying the user’s needs by warming up within seconds.

  • Safety

The air choice space heater contains a tip-over switch that automatically shuts off the heater when accidentally knocked, ensuring the user’s security. Moreover, the heater exterior doesn’t get hot, making it a perfect choice for kids. Its digital led display provides a comfortable reading of the heaters working status.


  • It comes with a considerable price making it affordable
  • The heaters small size ensure convenience in storing
  • The air space heater is cool on the outside making it a perfect choice for a home with kids


  • It lacks reset button options

Why it is the best

The heater’s quality is excellent, durable, and sturdy. It heats up quickly and is also safe for a home with kids.

  1. KOOLWOOM Portable Electric Space Heater

Koolwoom is one of the best electric heater for large basements perfectly enough and is a practical, sturdy, and visually pleasing electric heater. Thus, it is ideal for use in tabletops, desks, nightstands, placement, and offices. The heater has wheels on the bottom, moving to different rooms easy.

Details & Features
  • Ensure user safety

The heater has a tip-over feature that automatically shuts off when tipped over. Additionally, when the internal components reach a specific temperature that could overheat, the overheating feature automatically turns them off.

  • Allows the user to select their comfortable mode

It comes with two heat settings, high and low, depending on personal choice that will enable the heater to blow warm air at different speeds. The quiet mode uses 750 w while upper uses 1500 w suitable for both and large open rooms. It produces lifelike flame efficiently and safely.

  • Smart twelve hours timer

The heater allows the user to set their timer on the required operation hours before shutting down. The timer adjusts effectively fitting the user’s schedule. Additionally, it helps save money as the timer shuts off when the heat is not required.

  • Portability and easy to clean

The heater for large basements comes with a lightweight of 22.6 pounds that ensures smooth movement to different rooms at home or in the office. Cleaning the heater is effortless. Remove the filter flush and clean it using water, dry it, and then reassemble.


  • Quiet operation while running, ensuring comfortable sleep, reading, or working.
  • It heats the space quickly
  • It has a built timer that saves energy costs


  • The remote control is a bit temperamental

Why it is the best

The Koolwoom design prevents safety issues making it the best indoor heater for large rooms. It has a wood that may kick down easier; thus, the over tip shut off feature fixes such problems.

  1. New Air Ceramic Portable Space Heater

New air is a perfect choice during winter since it ensures the users to get proper heat control wherever needed. The portable heater has a year warranty, ensuring customers receive compensation upon any damage occurring during the transaction process.

Details & Features
  • It produces less noise while offering more heat

The device produces whisper sound less than 45 DB making it ideal for use in offices and bedrooms. Additionally, it heats up to 250 square feet providing even and reliable heating. The embedded wires in the ceramic plate generate heat providing safe and secure warmth in the room.

  • Has a programmable and remote timer that ensures convenience

The remote provides choosing of the heat settings from forty-one to ninety degrees ensuring proper climate control in the entire room. Additionally, the user can select either high or low fan setting, reducing noise levels while adjusting the comfort level.

  • It has inbuilt safety features

The energy-efficient heater comes with safety features that provide the user with added peace of mind. Moreover, the heater comes with double overheat protection that prevents overheating. Additionally, the anti-tip shut off feature ensures safety while using the electric heater.

  • Compact, portable, lightweight

Its compact design makes a stylish and functional addition to the user’s bedroom or office. Additionally, the heater weighs 8.5 pounds and has inbuilt handles that ensure smooth movement to different places. The easy to read LCD ensures natural temperature selection and general machine operation


  • It provides consistent heat that spreads out the entire room
  • It is easy to use the device
  • Its lightweight ensures movement to different rooms


  • The heater lacks side protection making it vulnerable.

Why it is the best

New air ceramic heater perfect choice. It heats an entire room in less than 20 minutes. The most outstanding feature uses oil, which keeps heat well, therefore, saving money.

  1. Amazon Basic Portable eco-smart Space Heater-wood

Do you need a compact, stable, quiet, and safe heater? Then Amazon essential is a perfect choice. It comes with smart wood finish and over hat sensors ensuring safety. The device is backed up with a year warranty ensuring customers receive compensation upon any damage occurring within the transaction process.

Details & Features
  • Powerful Performance

The device comes with three power settings auto, high and low mode providing the user chooses their best. Additionally, it doesn’t produce noise, making it a perfect choice for quiet minded users while heating the entire room.

  • User Friendly

The device contains four caster wheels that ensure smooth movement around the room. Additionally, the heater has digital controls that provide smooth operation. The device case doesn’t get hot, making it a perfect choice for a home with older people. Furthermore, when it starts overheating, the heater turns off automatically.

  • Contains a timer and remote

The remote control ensures easy adjustments from a far distance. Additionally, the timer provides the user selects a preset time that the heater will operate before automatically shutting off.

  • Safety

The amazon essential portable heater comes with overheat sensors that ensure safe operation by limiting excess heat. Additionally, the Eco smart settings ensure proper energy utilization lowering energy bills. Furthermore, the heaters thermostat and LED display provide appropriate heat settings selection.


  • The heater’s outer part doesn’t get hot, making it a perfect choice for a home with pets and kids.
  • The bottom wheels ensure smooth movement to different areas.


  • sometimes, the tip safety feature doesn’t work

Why it is the best

The Amazon essential portable heater is a perfect choice since the outside doesn’t get hot. Therefore, it is suitable for a home with pets, kids, and the elderly.

  1. Lasko Ceramic Tower Space Heater

Its compact design is a perfect choice for heating small rooms including, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. It is a powerful unit with a fiberglass design for smooth airflow. Additionally, the three-year warranty ensures that Customers get compensation for any damages that occur during the transaction process.

Details & Features
  • Easy to use controls

The heater comes with easy to use digital controls placed on the top for convenient use. Additionally, its streamlined body ensures the provision of widespread heat to warm the room gradually. The thermostat ensures the use keeps in their temperature preference.

  • Safety features

The automatic heat protection ensures the heater automatically turns off when left on for a long after the room gets the desired temperature duration. Additionally, the heater’s outer heaters part remains cool at all times, ensuring safe touching after running hours.

  • Wireless logic center remote

The wireless remote control manages control ensures effortless heater adjustment. The remote control maintains control functions. Additionally, the built-in timer provides easy programming of the heater

  • Adjustable thermostat

The adjustable thermostat allows the user to adjust heat settings up to 1500 heating settings. Additionally, the LED temperature setting provides temperature settings from 60 to eighty-five according to the user’s needs for maximum warmth, including timer and oscillation.


  • Operating the device is effortless
  • The heater automatically shuts off when the user forgets switching off.
  • It heats a small room in less than fifteen minutes, therefore highly recommended.


  • The remote doesn’t work when the user powers the device with the physical button. Note, if you need to use the remote, power on the device using for the remote.

Why it is the best

Lasko is a perfect choice that heats the bathroom in less than n 15 minutes. Its remote control operates far way, and the device automatically shuts off upon heating the entire room. This makes it one of the best heaters in the market.

  1. Amazon Basic 22″ 1500w portable ceramic tower space heater

Amazon ceramic tower heater is an ideal choice for heating small areas, including offices, garages, and bedrooms. It is a safe and energy-efficient device for home use. Accordingly, the method is an attractive size, and whisper-quiet features attract more customers. Seemingly, it is a cost-effective way to warm the room, taking little space while keeping the room warm.

Details & Features
  • Customizable feature

The heater offers dual temperature settings 1500 and 900, which is adjustable depending on the user’s needs. Additionally, the device comes with a programmable timer for easy choosing of heat consistency levels. Furthermore, the fan only mode ensures free air circulation operating both horizontally and vertically.

  • Safety

The device comes with overheat protection, which prevents overheating. Additionally, it automatically shuts off when kept on for a long time, making it a perfect choice for forgetful users. It does not produce noise, therefore an ideal choice for use in offices and homes with kids.

  • User friendly

The heater comes with a lightweight, therefore easily moved from one room to another. Additionally, it quickly gets small rooms warm within a short duration. It has the Eco mode that optimizes energy consumption, ensuring reduced energy costs making the heater energy efficient.

  • Digital display and remote controls

This model has a digital thermostat that controls heat settings. Additionally, the remote control ensures convenience by supporting operation while the user is miles from the heater.


  • The heater doesn’t produce noise, making it a perfect choice.
  • The device warms up the house in a short duration
  • Its lightweight ensures movement to different convenient areas.
  • The heater comes with a low price making it accessible to low-income earners.


  • The device doesn’t large warm rooms limiting the users who need warming large rooms.

Why it is the best

The Amazon essential ceramic heater is an excellent value for money, heating small rooms within a short duration. Additionally, it is used both vertically and horizontally, depending on the user’s choice.

  1. PELONIS HO-17LAB Necessary Electric Oil Filled Radiator

Pelonis is a cold space heater for both home and office use. Its sleek and cool design looks attractive inside the house. The model has a one-year warranty, clearing doubts about the future performance of the device.

Details & Features
  • User friendly.

The Pelonis radiator has an LED display that allows the user set s their required heat efficiently and

Safety. The device comes with remote control operated miles away; therefore, the user enjoys maximally.

  • Safety

The Pelonis heater has light indicators that show whenever the unit is on. Additionally, it has to overheat protectors that shut the device when overheated. Moreover, the tip-over safety switch shuts

Off the heater when accidentally knocked. It uses eco mode technology and saves energy making it a perfect choice that warms your room within a short time.

  • Quiet operation

The device does not produce sound during operations ensuring smooth operation keeping the space warm. It also comes with a timer set up to 10 hours. The noise-free heater provides comfortable sleeping, working, meditation, and chatting. Additionally, it doesn’t produce fan-forced air circulation protecting the users’ skin.

  • Portability

The heater comes with four universal caster wheels and front carry that ensure movement to different rooms. Moreover, it contains a cord rewind at the bottom that provides easy storing of the device.

  • Efficient heating

It allows the user to adjust the heat settings according to their need due to the three heat settings 600, 1500, and 900watts. Additionally, the Pelonis heater comes with remote controls that ensure easy temperature adjustment while sitting on the bed or seat. Additionally, the heater’s surface stays calm, therefore, suitable for homes with pets and kids.


  • The device offers quiet service, making it a perfect choice for both home and office use.
  • The remote control ensures convenient operations
  • The three heat setting options ensure the user chooses according to their needs.
  • Its lightweight ensures smooth movement to different rooms
  • The heater saves users from extra bills since it saves power.


  • The model is not perfect for use in small rooms, including bathrooms.

Why it is the best

Pelonis is an ideal choice for large and medium offices. The noise-free device has user-friendly features making it best in the market

Final word

Space heaters are simply the best machines needed for better keeping of garage, basements, office, or gym toasty and warm in the cold. Accordingly, the devices provide an economical solution to individuals with the need for heat in specific places. Therefore, we have been successful in making our customers know the best indoor heaters for large rooms on the market and the features to consider before purchasing.

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