Top 10 Best Basement Couches in 2020

Basement space tends to be the most multipurpose room in any modern home. You can effortlessly and innovatively modify it as you desire. You can use it as a gaming room or private movie theater room. A basement couch can be the best furniture product you can place in such spaces to make it incredibly elegant and useful. However, not any model can transform your basement space. Our article explores the essential tips you need to know when choosing the best sectional basement couch.

Top 10 Best Basement Couches in 2020

  1. FDW Corner Sectional Living Room Sofa

This stylish sectional couch starts as one of the best and great additions to your basement and living room. It gives you all the control for blending the added seats to make any shape you desire to suit the room space. The FDW Corner Sectional Sofa has smooth polyester upholstered cushions and additional comfy sofas to give you the most comfortable and relaxing experience.

FDW Corner Sectional Living Room Sofa

Details & Features
  • Comfortable upholstery

The Corner sectional couch comes with a well-cushioned back and firm padding of upholstered polyester leather materials. This makes it ultimately soft and comfortable to sit or sleep on it. It offers additional durability to the couch and easy to clean.

  • Easy to assemble

Assembling this couch requires less effort and expertise as the dual pieces, including four legs and two hooks, are included. It has a portable design for easy moving from one room to another as it fits through the doors. It takes you only less than five minutes to assemble.

  • Versatile design

This sectional couch allows you to use it as a seat or a bed. Thanks to its simple adjustable headrest design, you can convert it from the sofa to a bed in seconds. If you occasionally have overnight guests, this couch relieves you the stress of buying a visitor’s bed.

  • Solid wood and resilient sponge

Its entire construction features robust wood and metal frames and legs for support and durability. Expect to do all the tough sitting and sleeping on this couch without sinking inwards or breaking.

  • Modern style design

If you a stylist, this contemporary couch with low maintenance will be a great deal for you. It’s expertly tailored with crisp welting and beautiful lounges and pillows that add décor to your basement space.


  • Waterproof upholstery material is easy to clean
  • Soft and comfortable cushions
  • Effortless to change from couch to bed
  • Strongly constructed for durability


  • It sometimes comes with missing parts

Why is it best for your basement?

This sectional convertible couch is a perfect fit for your basement, as you can quickly transform into different parts you wish. The pieces may include a chaise lounge, bed, or a couch, making it highly versatile for any modern basement room.

  1. Lifestyle Solutions Collection Grayson Micro-Fabric Sofa

Grayson Micro-fabric sofa is the best sofa for basement space manufactured by a leading manufacturer of furniture products. It has a traditional style while also maintaining a contemporary look. You will find this excellent piece of furniture pretty easy to set up, comfortable, elegant, and reliable.

Lifestyle Solutions Collection Grayson Micro-Fabric Sofa

Details & Features
  • 100% polyester upholstery microfiber

The Grayson sofa features a transparent micro-fabric PU material entire seat cover. This material is stretchable, secure, and durable. This makes it super soft and comfortable to sit and relax all day long. Its waterproof design gives you a fantastic coaching experience with natural cleaning ability using a piece of cloth.

  • High-density cushions

It has symmetrically crafted and elegantly tailored tufted back cushions, which gives it a classic appearance. The cushions comprise of high-density foam to provide not only incredible support but also optimal comfort. Besides, it provides extra strength and durability to the sofa guaranteeing you a long-lasting performance.

  • Tool-less assembly

This sofa comes with easy to read and follow instructions to ensure effortless assembly. It takes a shorter time to assemble, allowing you to experience the comfort it comes with upon arrival. With this sofa, you don’t require any tools or experience to set this sofa.

  • Heavy-duty construction

With a combination of solid wood frames and legs, high-density cushions, premium foams, and serpentine springs, this sofa is built to last. These materials provide incredible strength and stability suitable to accommodate a maximum weight of 790lbs comfortably. Its engineered construction offers extra comfort for optimum coaching experience.

  • Blend of traditional and modern design

Grayson Micro-fabric sofa features beautifully curved and rolled armrests that make it elegant ideal for any modern basement space. The symmetrical crafted tufted back cushions and premium foams provide an additional stylish appearance with black color and ultimate comfort. It’s perfectly sized to fit in compact basement spaces while accommodating three people comfortably.


  • Exceptionally beautiful
  • Durable and heavy-duty material construction
  • Comes in multiple colors to select
  • Effortless and faster to set-up


  • Not possible to transform into a bed

Why is it best for your basement?

This is the best sofa for basement space due to its spacious seat surface that can accommodate multiple guests. You will find it in several colors to choose the one that matches your room style and décor. It guarantees you an ultimate comfort, durable, and best couching experience.

  1. Pearington Mia Sofa Bed

Perington Mia Sofa Bed is a fantastic and highly versatile couch as it easily transitions from a seat to a bed or a lounger. It comes with an extra space beneath the cushions with which you can keep your pillows, blankets, or other items. The couch cover features soft upholstered polyester material and supported with an all-natural wood for comfortable use.

Pearington Mia Sofa Bed

Details & Features
  • Versatile design

This fantastic sofa brings all the comfort you need for your basement space. Whether it is seating, sleeping, or lounging, the Perington conveniently and effortlessly transforms from one style to another. This makes sleeping or relaxing after a long busy day amazing and comfortable.

  • Polyester upholstery micro-fiber fabric

A soft and plush, high-quality micro-fabric PU and foam material covers this couch elegantly. This makes it super comfortable and enjoyable for use, regardless of the style you want. The fabric material has a beautiful appearance making the sofa the best choice for adding elegance to their basement spaces. Besides, you will find it easy to clean.

  • Plush cushions and pillows

Cushions and pillows have a high-density foam and polyester fabric materials that provide resilience to sinking inwards. This means that you will experience the best seating, lounging, and sleeping experience on this couch for extended periods. They are super comfy to relax or sleep without any fuss.

  • Reliable construction

Perington Mia Sofa Bed features a sturdy construction provided by the natural hardwood frames and legs. This makes it incredibly strong to support heavyweights as well as last longer without breaking or cracking. Additionally, it is covered with a long-lasting microfiber fabric sure to withstand wear and tear.

  • Easy assembly

The Pearington is delivered to your door when ready to assemble. You will require no tools or previous experience since an instructional guide comes with it to help you set it up without a fuss. It provides a unique space for comfortable sitting by three individuals. The lightweight design also enhances effortless assembly.


  • Multifunctional sofa with three styles of use
  • Covered in plushy micro-fabric material
  • Under cushion convenient storage space
  • Easy and quick to assemble
  • Built to last longer for serious couching


  • The cushions feel-like solid hence uncomfortable to sit on

Why is it best for your basement?

Perington Mia Sofa Bed is best suited for the basement spaces due to its accurate sizing. It is a lovely sofa sleeper with a fashionable look. If you need the best basement sofa that lasts nearly an eternity, this will be the best choice. It has a durable and robust construction of natural hardwood and micro-fabric material.

  1. Rivet Revolve Modern Upholstered Sofa

This modern sectional sofa comes with a soft and comfortable polyester material cover. You will be tempted to sneak more naps whenever you sit on this amazing couch. Its chaise can be moved to either end to accommodate your basement’s layout. Interestingly, it provides an additional seat making it the best basement couch you can enjoy having it.

Rivet Revolve Modern Upholstered Sofa

Details & Features
  • Sturdy hardwood frame

Rivet Revolve couch has a strong foundation featuring a solid hardwood frame. Its solid beech legs provide excellent strength and stability to support maximum weights comfortably. Therefore, you will enjoy a long-lasting couching experience.

  • Adjustable chaise

Rivet Revolve sectional coach can be adjusted to provide adequate seating space to accommodate many people. Space can be sufficient for you to sit or even sleep on it. This feature adds style and décor to your basement space.

  • Modern design

This sectional couch has clean lines and a streamlined design that makes it explicitly contemporary. Its chaise being adjustable to either side, providing a perfect fit of the room layout. The sofa and ottoman design and beautiful polyester fabric cover make it look stylish and fashionable.

  • Polyester fabric cover

The entire wood frame of this sectional couch is covered by polyester fabric material. This material makes it soft and comfortable to the touch; therefore, you will find it very impressive to relax on the couch. It’s a big advantage when it comes to cleaning as the material is waterproof and easy to wipe with a piece of cloth.

  • Easy assembly

Assembling the sectional parts of this couch is not a big deal. It only takes you less than 10 minutes to put all the pieces together. You need not be an expert or hire one to help you in the assembling thanks to the easy-to-read user assembly instructions.


  • Its modern design adds elegance to your basement room
  • Effortless to assemble the parts
  • Provides adequate seating space
  • Backed by a one-year warranty and free return of 30 days


  • Longevity may not be its strong suit

Why is it best for your basement?

The design of Rivet Revolve Modern Upholstered Sofa ensures that it fits small basement spaces. Its adjustable feature makes it super beautiful and stylish ideal for any modern room. Above all, you will find it extremely comfortable, reliable, and comes with a one-year warranty.

  1. Amazon Brand – Stone and Beam Lauren Down-Filled Oversized Sofa Couch

The Down-Filled Oversized Sofa boasts an excellent classic design. This makes your basement a center of attraction for many visitors in your home. Its soft down-filled cushions sitting atop a solid hardwood frame guarantees you a long-lasting and comfortable coaching experience.

Details & Features
  • Down-filled cushions

Stone & Lauren oversized sofa is the best basement sofa that will never cease giving you a plushy and comfortable seat spot thanks to its down-filled seat and back cushions. They comprise a more significant percentage of polyester and tiny nylon materials. Additional strength and durability are provided, assuring an outstanding performance.

  • Sturdy hardwood frame

Comprising a construction of solid hardwood frame and legs, ultimate strength and stability are provided to this couch. This makes it able to support heavy weights and stay longer without breaking or cracking.

  • Unique design

This couch has a removable back and reversible seat cushions. You can modify it in any way you desire to give your room an elegant and fashionable look. It also combines with its classic design to help in space-saving and fits in any room space. As a result, this oversized couch tends to be a great piece of furniture for any basement space.

  • Supple and robust fabric material

You will like feeling this sofa will give whenever you get in touch with it. The fabric material cover comprises 98% polyester and 2% nylon materials, which offers a durable and comfortable coaching experience. Being stain-free, wiping it with a soft and dry cloth becomes a pretty relaxed and enjoyable thing.

  • Neutral chocolate colored upholstery

This couch has an entirely neutral chocolate upholstery material cover that deems it super cool, comfy, and attractive. Regardless of the existing room décor, this material cover blends nicely into your basement’s color assortment with relative ease.


  • Classic design enables it to fit in any space
  • Requires no set-up hence ready for use upon arrival
  • Stain-free and easy to clean fabric material
  • Exceptionally comfortable and durable
  • Three-year warranty plus 30-days returnable


  • No range of color selections

Why is it the best couch for your basement?

Stone & Lauren Oversized Sofa has a fantastic color that easily blends with any color assortment. Made of sturdy and durable materials with plushy cushions featuring a generous style. It’s highly recommended for its oversized design that provides adequate seating space for a group of people.

  1. Walsunny Modern Faux Leather Couch

Take your comfort levels to the next level with Walsunny Modern Leather Couch. It is perfectly sized to fit two sitters comfortably with two glass holders. High-quality material construction makes it explicitly unique. You can convert it to a sleeper with relative ease. This piece will completely change your basement space and make it look like paradise.

Walsunny Modern Faux Leather Couch

Details & Features
  • Convertible design

Need to make a quick bed for an overnight guest? If so, take advantage of the three gear positions this sofa brand has. It effortlessly transforms form a love seat to a sleeper in just seconds. Also, modify it into different positions to meet your desires.

  • Incredibly comfortable

This best sectional sofa for the basement from Walsunny is crafted from soft faux leather material that gives a smooth and supple feel. It has sturdy and thickly padded cushions for extra comfort and durability. Foldable middle armrest and two cup holders make a complete and comfortable relaxation.

  • High-quality material

Walsunny Modern Faux Leather Couch features sleekly faux leather craftsmanship that makes it both elegant and of high quality. The detachable chrome-metal legs give extra support for incredible stability, safety, and durability. It provides a perfect blend of fashion and class to any room.

  • Perfectly sized

With its seating capacity of two, the sizing of this couch makes it ideal for small-sized basement spaces. You will find it incredibly portable, allowing you to alter the room appearance with ease and convenience. When transformed, a remarkable space is provided for a night of ample sleep.

  • Easy assembly

It will take you no more than 20-minutes to assemble this fantastic sofa. Thanks to the well-detailed instructions availed, it comes with for easy joining the pieces together. Interestingly, a free replacement or refund in case of any problems with quality.


  • Extreme levels of comfort
  • Transforms into a guest bed easily
  • Excellent quality material comprising leather faux
  • Generously sized to suit smaller spaces and convenient to move


  • Unreliable customer service

Why it is best for your basement

This couch is very comfortable and stylish. It is highly convenient with its reclining capability to give different positions as desired. If your basement has a small space, this couch will be the best fit. High-quality leather material and easy assembly all make this couch super great for your basement.

  1. Amazon Brand – Rivet Goodwin Modern Sofa

Rivet Goodwin Modern Sofa is a remarkable basement couch that comes as the perfect finishing piece to your modern-style home décor. With a beautiful light-gray upholstery, this couch will decently complement your current basement layout and design. Thanks to its sleek and classy design.

Amazon Brand – Rivet Goodwin Modern Sofa

Details & Features
  • Solid wood frame and legs

This sofa’s frame and legs consist of reliable and robust construction for excellent strength, stability, and reliability. This makes it able to support heavy weights for more extended periods. A polyester cover provides additional strength.

  • Modern design

Its firm but slim legs help to raise this piece at the same time, adding a modern flair. The perfect light-gray polyester upholstery makes it look sleek and classic suitable for any home. The soft detachable back and reversible cushions give new fashion and style.

  • Ultra-comfort

Rivet Goodwin Modern Sofa has been designed to give you exceptional comfort levels. Right from its soft polyester upholstery fabric materials to its modifiable features, you will enjoy resting on this couch. You can conveniently reverse the cushions and remove the back to get a perfect sitting position for comfort.

  • High-quality materials

The sofa comprises a high-quality polyester upholstery material, which is much more reliable, softer, and durable. Its robust stitching and padding of both the back and seat cushions make it highly resistant to wear and tear. As a result, this sofa stands out as one of the best quality sofas for the basement.

  • Generously sized

The overall sizing, seat, arm, and legs height and seat depth make it an excellent piece for any basement space. It gives you adequate space for three individuals while providing a comfy sitting experience. You can quickly move this sofa from one room to another with many conveniences.


  • Easy to clean with a soft piece of cloth
  • Modern style that complements room décor
  • Solid and high-quality materials offer durability
  • The effortless and short-time assembly process


  • Gives an irritating sound when you sit on it

Why it is best for your basement

Rivet Goodwin Modern Sofa is an elegant, comfortable, and versatile piece of furniture suitable for modifying your room’s décor. Its adjustable chaise, reversible cushions, and removable backrest make it a classic and stylish. It guarantees top-notch performance with high-quality material and design.

  1. Zinus Josh Traditional Upholstered Sofa

Zinus Sofa brand has been on the praise by its users who have experienced the magic it gives when you sit on it. This offers a perfect cozy spot for watching a movie, relaxing, reading your favorite book, or even playing a video game. It consists of multiple layers of cushioning with which you get to relax in its soft, supportive surface.

Zinus Josh Traditional Upholstered Sofa

Details & Features
  • Durable fabric materials

The durable and robust fabric materials cover the seat and back cushions giving extra strength and stability to the sofa. This assures you an incredible lasting performance regardless of how severe the couching is. You will find it super easy to clean with a piece of cloth.

  • Sturdy construction

It is made of naturally sturdy wood frame and legs that make it incredibly strong for more sitting years. As a result, it allows you to grow old with your sofa. Its durable fabric materials making up the seat and back cushions provide additional sturdiness to this couch.

  • Comfortable foam cushions

You will enjoy sitting on this sofa all day long as it has soft and comfortable cushions that have been filled up with foam. The cushions are filled out with CertiPUR-US certified memory foam meets the strict standards for safe use and durability. It gives you the ultimate comfort you all desire.

  • Stylish design

Zinus Josh Traditional Sofa has been crafted with a fantastic style in mind. With a traditional stylish design with a length of 56.3-inches. Its finish is super cool and attractive sure to add elegance and classic yet an excellent style that matches your room.

  • Effortless assembly

All the parts of the couch and tools are packed and smartly shipped in one box. You require fewer tools and efforts to set it up in less than 20 minutes and start enjoying your fantastic furniture piece. User instructions will help you in every step for an excellent fitting.


  • Gives a traditional but classy appearance
  • Super comfy cushions
  • Toxic-free materials as the foam are certified
  • Less effort and easy to assemble

Why it is the best for your basement

Zinus Traditional sofa has a strong, durable fabric material that makes it withstand severe years of couching. It gives a traditional and elegant style that will make your basement very attractive. The cushion foaming ensures you get high levels of comfort for long.

  1. VERSAITEX Stretch Sofa Slipcover

H.VERSAITEX Stretch Sofa slipcover comes with a great blend of chocolate-elegance, style, and comfort. It’s a one-piece style stretch couch cover made of knitted jacquard fabric to ensure maximum protection of your couch from any form of damage. You will find it extremely versatile, durable, and differently sized to fit on your basement sectional sofa.

Details & Features
  • Lycra Jacquard Knitted fabric

This sofa cover is made of 85% polyester and 15% spandex knitted fabric materials. For that reason, this sofa slipcover guarantees lasting protection to your couch. It is also softly textured, vibrant, and gentle to touch, giving you ultimate comfort.

  • Highly stretchy and versatile

It’s much crafted to be highly stretchable to fit on most basement sofas with varied sizes. Most importantly, it perfectly fits large sofas with 72-96-inches wide and extra-large sofas that are 96 to 116-inches. Its highly recommended for both box cushioned and T-cushion couches.

  • Aesthetic elegance

H.VERSAITEX Stretch Slipcover is an advanced sofa cover textured with tiny check patterns with high proportions of spandex. It’s available in multiple colors allowing you to embrace new tones and elements to match the changing seasons as well as personal desires.

  • Effortless installation

Installing this sofa slipcover is super easy thanks to the guiding photos included in its original packaging. Once covered, it firmly holds your sofa to prevent unnecessary sliding off.

  • Easy to care

It comes as a wrinkle-free sofa cover. You can wash easily with washing machine for simple care and maintenance of both the slipcover and the couch.


  • Maximum protection for the sofa against wear or tear
  • Versatile and elegant
  • Easy to cover over and tuck onto a couch
  • Durable and gentle to touch
  • Multiple colors and sizes to choose


  • It is not spill-proof

Why it is best for your basement

This sectional sofa slipcover is a perfect piece for protecting your basement couch from tear by pets or kids at home. You will find it in multiple colors, styles, and sizes to cater to your sofa needs and desires. On top of that, it provides a pleasant and fresh touch of elegance to your basement sofa.

  1. Easy-Going Stretch Oversized Sofa Slipcover

Do your pets like playing around and scratching your couches? Or does your children jump up and down tending to tear up your sofa? If that’s the case, Easy Going Stretch Sofa Cover should be the best pick. It comes as the best stretchable cover for your basement couch. You will find it in multiple colors to choose the one that will fit your desires.

Details & Features
  • Multiple colors, styles, and sizes

This beautiful sofa stretch slipcover is engineered to suit in any indoor basement décor set up. It is available in up to 25 different colors to pick the one that matches your room. You can also find it in large and extra-large sizes. Above all, it comes in various styles and shapes to decide on the best for you.

  • Extra comfort features

It is made of smooth material that tends to be super comfortable upon touch. Anti-slide foams added ensures that you can tuck it perfectly and prevent it from any sliding. The flexible bottom keeps the slipcover sturdily held in for optimal safety.

  • Effortless to handle

Assembling this couch slipcover is extremely easy. It takes only less than 10 minutes for an individual to get it fitted on your fancy couch. The elastic nature of the fabric used to make this cover helps in easy handling. It entirely encloses a seating space of about 70 to 101-inches.

  • Super fabric material

The Easy Going Stretchable sofa slipcover has 20% spandex, 80% polyester, and high-quality stretchy fabric material. These materials make it of excellent quality, effortlessly stretchable, soft, and comfortable to touch. They are stain-free, attractive, and strong enough to withstand any form of scratching or wearing.

  • Easy to maintain

Interestingly, this slipcover is machine washable at a temperature of 300C. The mild laundry detergents are encouraged as they work perfectly without bleaching your sofa slipcover. Besides, you will enjoy a 30-days return-free offer.


  • Varied colors for selection
  • Easy to install
  • Pretty elastic for a firm grip on your sofa
  • Super soft and comfortable fabric material
  • Stain-free and wear-resistant for durability


  • Not resistant to spills

Why it is best for your basement

Easy Going Stretchable Sofa Slipcover is suitable for the couch seated in the basement of your home. It can be effortlessly fitted on several pieces of furniture. You will find whichever color you like and machine washable without getting bleached. It offers optimum convenience and lasts longer.

What type of sectional couch is best for the basement?

A sectional couch is an excellent piece of furniture that provides you with adequate seat space as compared to the traditional sofas. It’s best for utilizing small rooms in your home, such as the basement. If you have an empty and idling room at your home’s bases, you might find this very interesting.

We advise you to specifically consider a basement sectional couch, which has, for a long time, existed as an excellent sofa type that is stylish and space-saving. Its design allows you to conveniently organize the various couch segments to comfortably and perfectly suit the basement space in your home. They come in different shapes to arrange them in different styles as you desire. We have identified the following sectional couch types that will make your basement space both occupied and elegant.

  1. L-Shaped Sectional Couch

As the name suggests, this type of couch appears to be formed by putting two sofas together perpendicularly, creating a 900 angle. In most cases, you will find it with two cushions on one side while the other has three cushions. If your basement has an unoccupied corner or open space, an L-shaped basement couch would be the best choice.

  1. Curved Sectional Couch

This type of sofa has a C-like design that’s very appealing to the eye. It’s the best for an open basement space. If you like having fun and entertainment with your friends, this should be the best choice.

  1. U-Shaped Sectional Sofa

A u-shaped sectional sofa style perfectly suits large basement spaces due to the big size. It provides an ample seating space suitable for large families.

  1. Sleeper Sectional Couches

If you occasionally have visitors coming for overnight sleep, this kind of basement sectional couch would be the best pick. Their design allows you to conveniently modify them from a seat to a sized queen bed and back much quicker.


Changing the basement room’s appearance to a modern and fashionable style using a sectional sofa set is pretty straightforward. It will be much faster as long as the couch is chosen is of the right quality, design, style, and ability to fit your basement space and your lifestyle. After critically expounding on the best basement sectional couch brands above, we are confident that selecting the best couch that will give you ultimate comfort, great style, plus, excellent and reliable performance won’t be hard for you.

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