What is Baseball Pitching Machine and How to Choose it?

With a great number of varying pitching machines, finding the perfect machine can be daunting. What worries everyone who is picking a pitching machine, is “have I picked the right one?”  Below are some factors that should guide you on which machine is better.

What is baseball pitching machine?

According to Wikipedia, a pitching machine is a technological tool that pitches the ball to the batter at varying speeds. The pitching machine was created by a Princeton college professor in 1897. It used gunpowder to propel it to pitch baseballs. Several decades later Paul Giovanni developed the arm pitching machine. This type of pitching machine simulates a batter’s motion by throwing balls at consistent speed and direction

Baseball Pitching Machine

How to Choose Baseball Pitching Machine


Durability is a crucial factor when picking a pitching machine. With globalization growing at a faster rate, we have seen small markets boom at rates faster than lightning. With that, there has been an influx of fake products which are quite cheap. Even though they offer warranties, it will be expensive shipping it to the producer halfway in the world, so keep watch of who will replace it for you. It is noteworthy too that when picking a pitching machine take into consideration who it intends to serve. If your kid is young and just trying to play baseball, then it would be prudent picking one that is cheap and less durable. Why? Well, you never know how long your kid might be interested in playing the sport.

Pitching machine’s speed

Speed should be the first thing you consider when purchasing a pitching machine. For instance, a high schooler would find a pitching machine that throws baseballs at 50 miles per hour to be too slow. It is true if you consider the fact that the machine is set up at 60 feet 6 inches, but if he was nearer it would be perfect. So always consider the speed for it will define what kind of a player you will be.


Even though most pitching machines come with the conviction that they have batteries and can power probably 45 minutes to 1 hour, you may want to change your normal routine and visit a different location. The question will remain is it portable? Some machines are heavy weighing more than 120 pounds, so you might need some help removing and setting it up in your car.

Baseball Pitching Machines

Type of tires

There are two types of tires that are used in pitching machine – solid tires & pneumatic tires. Pneumatic tires resemble car tire in many aspects including use of air to add pressure while solid tires resemble tires of a lawn mower meaning they don’t use air to add pressure. Solid tires are more preferred when compared with Pneumatic tires because they recover quickly between pitches and they last longer.


Finally, the ultimate question, how much is it? As much as you may want to break your bank for a great tool, you need to decide how much you are willing to spend. Sometimes expensive machines don’t offer the best services, so pick machines according to factors that you perceive as paramount to you.  


Finding the perfect pitching machine takes time and research. Picking the most expensive might not cut through your needs, and picking a cheap one, will just be the beginning of more problems. So which one do you pick, well you need to consider the following factors; Durability, price, speed, and type of tires. With the above factors in your mind, you will narrow down from a barrage of pitching machines to a few of them.

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