Best Softball Glove For 8 Years Old Kids

Little kids of eight years old participate in the competition of small league division. The division involves pitching the ball faster and moving with high speed on the tee-ball field, making the area necessary for kids to start learning new techniques of becoming perfect defensive players. Matching the size of the glove so close to the hands of the player’s size should be appropriate techniques for protection in the competition fields.  So, purchasing softy softball gloves made of synthetic leather to kids at 8-years old is crucial in making them begin playing competitively and acquiring field skills to be used in the future when coaches assign them specific positions in the field. The essay aims at reviewing various glove products used by 8 years old children during training and for effective competition.

Best Softball Glove for 8-Year-Old

Here are top 3 softball gloves for 8u old kids, read the reviews and choose perfect one…

  1. Franklin Sports Teeball Glove

Franklin Sports Teeball Glove

Franklin is one of the best sports field manufacturing equipment with high reliability and trustworthiness, meeting the client’s needs and desires. The products manufactured in franklin are of different ages, including baseball and tee-ball gloves used by eight-year-old kids in training and sports completion. While Tee-ball gloves are lighter in weight, making the kids feel comfortable when playing, baseball is professionally-grade gloves entirely prepared to be used mostly kids beginning the sporting activities. The eye-catching and ideal baseball gloves used by both kids and adults that come in various hand orientations and sizes and durable as baseball glove for the right hand and left hands kids. Notably, the softball gloves provide kids with the ability to confidently pitch and catch the ball correctly, no matter the dominant hands.  The Franklin Teelball glove use softy synthetic components for more natural breaking in making it ready for a game within the shortest time possible.


  • Fitted with contour system making it more comfortable and fits into the hands perfectly.
  • It is adjustable hence maximizing comfort
  • It has premium synthetic leather with high quality making it light to feel on the Hands of the user.
  • Natural break -in making it ready for use in games within a short time
  • Gloves are available for the left-hand and right-hand throwers.


  • Durable gloves with softy synthetic leather
  • Baseball and Teelball are affordable and cost-friendly
  • Gloves have customized fit with contour system
  • The product is available for the right and left-hand throwers


  • The pocket is not reliable due to the high demand


There is an exceptional performance of tee ball gloves manufactured in the Franklin sporting field. Franklin sporting field designs tee ball gloves in different ways to increase performance during training and competition by children.

First, tee-ball glove is lightweight, which is essential in reducing the burden of little kids from weighed while playing since large gloves lead to frustrations, thus making the game less fun to kids. The lightweight gloves also make kids catch balls quickly by counteracting the force of the ball coming down on them when playing hence preventing the ball from hitting them on the face. Additionally, the glove contains smaller wrist closure preventing the ball from falling off the player’s hand. Therefore, Franklin sporting field manufactures gloves with natural break-inn features making it ready for use by kids when playing.

Tee ball glove from the Franklin sports field is exceptional for kids to begin experiencing. The glove makes it easy for both right and left-handed kids pitch and catch the ball ideally during training and sports competition as well. Since tee ball is about fun and acquiring new skills by children, parents and guardians must purchase the most comfortable gloves for their kids with the perfect fit. Therefore, the Franklin sporting store is the best choice with various types of gloves and a different size for 8 years old kids,

  1. Rawlings Sure Catch Youth Softball Glove Series

Construction of Softball Rawlings sure catch gloves involves softy leather shells that help in retaining the pocket shape and durability enhancement. Its Sure Catch heel cut out structure takes into consideration a quick and straightforward close. At the same time, the Basket web enhances flexibility, ball-catching pocket making it ideal for kids who require a glove that is perfect for use when playing.

Rawlings Sure Catch Youth Softball Glove Series

Furthermore, the padded finger linings provide the glove with comfort and Velcro wrist tie for an exclusively fit. The glove also consists of Rawlings catch innovation for more comfortable opening and closing for effective performance during sporting activities. The product comes with a high percentage break-in making it easier for use by kids within the shortest time possible during game competitions. The development of Sure Catch gloves by Rawlings is vital to help to remove barriers that can emerge when kids are playing.


  • The glove series is soft with a leathered shell for durability and shape retention pocket
  • Heel cutout designs in Sure Catch glove facilitate smooth closing and opening
  • It has padded finger linings used to add comfort when practising an playing.
  • The glove is made of Velcro wrist strap making it firm on the player’s hand when playing


  • The glove has an exceptional extra comfort
  • Product is very soft reliable with pliable material for easy break-in
  • Velcro wrist strap for simple shifting
  • Conventionally neo- flex-back making the glove flexible and improves its fitting
  • The glove is very cheap easily affordable by kids from all classes
  • Sure Catch softball glove is can break-in so easily and faster


  • Kids may tend feeling catching effects on their hands due to their softness
  • The vinyl material texture may not be dependable for hardcore games

Rawlings kid-glove provides outstanding designs of various colours attracting parents and guardians who can be looking the best glove for their 8-years old children. The sure Catch glove comes with easy and quick break-in features making the product ready for use in games by players.

Additionally, Rawlings sporting firm manufactures Sure Catch gloves, which is soft, providing comfort and making players catch balls with easy. Many parents can afford to purchase Sure Catch glove for their 8-years old kids since the gloves are very cheap. Parents need to look for the best gloves and buy for their kids to use during game training and sports competition. Therefore, Rawlings is available to relieve their stress because they sell gloves of different types and ages, and it is their responsibility to choose the best product they require.


Most of the Sure Catch gloves have a high percentage factory break-in making it ready for use by kids during hence improving performance during sports competition. The heel cutout used to make Sure Catch gloves helps in removing some parts at the base of the glove making the glove to close easily given that the stickers act as a hinge while closing the glove. Further performance enhancement involves finger lining cushions that create a perfect fitting and feeling whenever in use by the kids in the field. Moreover, the glove comes with a more innovative leather shell that helps to improve its shape and lightweight, increasing control in the player during gaming. So it is one of the best softball gloves for 8 years olds kids.

  1. Franklin Sports Air Tech Adapt Series 8.5 series

Franklin is a sporting company responsible for n manufacturing different types of gloves for both kids and adult individuals. The sporting field takes part in designing the air Tech series to fit the training and game requirements of the kids newly in the area of sport. The model includes ultra-lightweight froth development prepared to play directly from the rack and a simple self-stick movable wrist closure, which makes it very simple to show the positioning of the right hand. The series comes with fixed technology making it ready for gaming and softy to ensure the safety of the kids and comfortable gaming.

Franklin Sports Air Tech Adapt Series 8.5 series

The Air tech tee ball glove is probably one of the best brands that enable any kind of 8-years olds child to get the vibe of the game and get involved in learning. The softness of the model makes it ready for gaming since it does not require more time to break-in. However, when shipping gloves, beneficiaries take the responsibility of ensuring legal importation of the model to the country, and when requesting from subsidiaries, the recipient is the merchant in recording and making agreements to all laws and guidelines of the goal nation.

Product Features

  • The model has soft air tech foam making it break-in quickly for gaming
  • Rtp ready-to-play development enables the brand to move directly to the playing ground.
  • Self –mount wrist cover enhancing fitness and simple adjustability to the kids
  • For the youth throwing the ball using the left-hand players wear gloves on the right hand.
  • The glove is developed with lightweight Teeball to reduce the burden of lifting and throwing by the kids.
  • The glove is best for any youth Teeball player to train their throwing and catching tactics.

Advantages of the product

  • Constructed with RTP for easy break-in and ready for use
  • Lightweight to carry and make the kids play comfortably
  • Has a self-mount wrist cover making it fit and easy to adjust
  • Includes air tech foam ball making it softy for kids
  • The model comes with a manufacturing warranty limited to 90

Disadvantages of the product

  • Self-mounting reduces the quality of the model hence making it not valid for the players.
  • The absence of a Velcro strap makes the glove unfit for the kids when playing.


Air Tech series is a brand from Franklin constructed with the latest technology to improve performance. For instance, the glove is lighter, making it easy for 8-years old kids to train and participate in the competition. The model has a self-stitch cover for kids to adjust when playing hence enhancing its efficiency in performance. Moreover, modelling of the glove with a flexible wrist cover guarantees a comfortable fit for all youths training and playing as well. The glove also comes with the RTP model for easy break-in within a short time, making its performance more efficient. The package incorporates one PU froth ball, which is enabling the kids to play with fun because most gloves made of PU system introduce kids to tee ball, baseball, and softball.

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If you can manage the cost of a decent product for 8-years old kids, then make an effort of getting it but if it is you find it difficult, choosing the model that matches the needs of the child is the best option to the best choice for you to get a glove that is exceptional to the kids. Keep the aspects from the purchasing guide will assist you with setting your objective clear when you go glove shopping

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